Abscess Emergencies 101: How To Know It's Urgent

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Even though dental abscesses are one of the most common complaints people have when they visit a dentist, they can still be a dangerous situation. In most cases, a dentist will see that you have an abscess and prescribe you antibiotics to clear the infection. However, if certain other symptoms develop after you have left the dentist's office, it could be an all-out emergency, and you will need to seek treatment right away. Take a look at some of the situations when an abscess issue is considered a reason to visit a dental emergency center. 

If the abscess is causing you severe pain, call the dentist. 

Most people develop an abscess and do not even realize it is there because they do not feel any different. You may have pain around a bad tooth, but the site of the abscess pimple will be only vaguely sore or tender. If you have an abscess in your mouth and it suddenly starts causing you severe pain, it is best to get treatment immediately. In some cases, this can mean that the abscess is growing bigger and putting undue stress on the soft tissue of your mouth and can be in danger of spreading. 

If you develop a fever or chills, it can be an emergency. 

A dental abscess is an infection, and it is most often localized and contained in nature. Unfortunately, dental abscesses can spread into the blood system and cause other problems with the body. One sure sign that this taking place is if you develop a fever or experience chills. A fever is one of the most common signs that there is an infection in the body, and you do not want to delay getting treatment if that is the case. 

If the abscess swells so severely that it inhibits normal functions, get help. 

Dental abscesses usually start out rather small. You may have a small raised bump or pimple inside your mouth, on your gums, on your tongue, or even on the inner parts of your lip. If the abscess suddenly starts to grow larger and is causing you issues with speaking, eating, or even swallowing, it is best to seek emergency dental treatment. In these cases, the small bump is in danger of rupturing for sure, but if it does not rupture, it can cause further stress to your mouth and teeth. A professional can help you deal with the issue.

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