Considering A Root Canal? What Do You Need To Know If You Are Nervous?

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Getting a root canal may seem like a scary experience. While the procedure does do a lot of good for your oral health, you have likely heard some upsetting stories about poor experiences from others. However, a root canal is not as bad as you may think. The following are some misconceptions about root canals you should know:

A Root Canal Does Not Hurt

When done correctly, a root canal procedure should be almost without any pain at all. The goal of a root canal is to remove the pain you experience from the damaged tooth in the first place. There have been great advancements in root canal technology, equipment, and anesthetics. For this reason, a root canal should not be a scary experience.

Root Canals are Typically Successful

You may have heard stories about root canals that were not successful and resulted in an extraction. However, it is uncommon for a root canal to not be successful most of the time. When done correctly, a root canal should result in a healthy tooth as long as the teeth around the root canal and the gums are in good health.

A Root Canal Preserves the Tooth

The entire point of getting a root canal over an extraction is to save the tooth. A root canal is done to clean out the interior portion of the tooth so that it can heal and you can continue to keep it.

You Do Not Need Multiple Appointments

You may be under the assumption that a root canal takes several appointments to complete. In the unusual likelihood that you have a tooth in really poor condition, or if you need multiple root canals, you may need an extra appointment. In most cases, however, one appointment is sufficient for a root canal.

No Sickness Can Come from a Root Canal

There are often stories that root canals can cause sickness to other parts of the body. This story was based on old and outdated research that has since been proven incorrect. No current evidence exists that supports the idea that a root canal can make you sick. If anything, the root canal can remove bad bacteria that could potentially make you sick. The root canal takes away bad tissue that can cause infection to your mouth and potentially other parts of your body. A root canal is a good option for saving a bad tooth and removing infection.

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