How To Get A Medical Marijuana Prescription Card

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If you believe you can benefit from medical marijuana, you'll have to obtain a prescription card. This card will allow you access to medical marijuana dispensaries where you can purchase marijuana and other products containing cannabis for medical use. Here are four steps you'll have to follow in order to get the card you need:

1. Do your research.

Medical marijuana can have a positive effect on a variety of different symptoms. However, there are some conditions that can't be treated through the use of this plant. Before going to the trouble of seeking a prescription, you should first make sure that cannabis has been scientifically proven to help with your ailment. You can find a lot of information about medical marijuana on the internet. Research your medical condition and find out if cannabis is a good treatment option for you.

2. Visit your doctor.

You should always make decisions concerning your health with the help of a licensed physician. In order to get your medical marijuana card, you will need a prescription from your doctor. Many doctors won't suggest medical marijuana on their own, so you will probably have to start the conversation. If your doctor believes that cannabis is a good treatment option for you, they will write you a prescription. People who don't have a regular physician can still get a medical marijuana prescription by going to a doctor that specializes in medical cannabis treatment.

3. Get a medical marijuana card.

Your doctor will give you a prescription for medical marijuana, but the card itself will be issued by your state's government. In order to get your card, you will need to fill out an application. You will also need to show proof that cannabis is a necessary medical treatment, so you should bring a copy of your prescription. You may have to wait a couple weeks for your application to process, after which time you should get your medical marijuana card in the mail.

4. Renew your prescription on time.

You will need to visit your doctor to get a new prescription each year. Medical marijuana cards typically only last a year in order to prevent abuse of the system. However, it's good to see your doctor anyway, since they should be kept informed about any changes to your health. Mark your card's expiration date on your calendar, so you can renew your prescription in a timely manner.

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