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Teeth whitening is one of the more popular cosmetic dental procedures. Yellowing teeth can be embarrassing for people and can cause them to not want to smile or show their teeth. Teeth whitening can help make you feel confident again and not fear showing off your smile. It is meant to last for months at a time and can make your teeth several shades lighter. If you want to get the most time between whitening treatments, here are a few things you can do to make the shade upgrade last:

Avoid Coffee and Colas

Did you know that drinking things like coffee and colas can stain the enamel of your teeth? They are surface stains that will love sticking to the new whitening treatment you just paid for! Avoiding them completely is best, but if you must you can use a straw so the drink isn't touching your teeth while you sip. If you have a day where you do drink them and they make contact with your teeth, you should spend some extra time brushing to try to lift the stains.

Other Colored Foods

Any deep-colored foods can add to stains too. Mustard, tomato-based sauces, high-acidity fruits, and things like curry contain heavy colors that you should avoid when possible. Getting in the habit of rinsing your mouth with water after eating these items will help them not stick too quickly to your teeth. 

Brush Well and Often

Brushing is always the most important part of taking care of your teeth. You can use a whitening toothpaste to extend the teeth whitening's effectiveness. Brushing twice a day and flossing regularly will help keep stains at bay. If food sticks to your teeth or between your teeth and is not wiped off by brushing, you will stain your enamel again faster.

Investing in your smile is a great way to take care of yourself. When you feel more confident, you can accomplish more and worry less. Some people struggle with teeth sensitivity after teeth whitening, but you can ask your dentist to recommend some toothpaste that is meant to help. Take care of your teeth and make your teeth whitening last longer so you can enjoy it. If its time for another teeth whitening session already, you can try these tips next time to see how long you can stretch between treatments. Call your dentist today and get on their schedule!

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