How To Reverse The Damage Smoking Has Done To The Appearance Of Your Teeth And Gums

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Practically everyone knows that smoking is bad for their lungs, but it can also deliver a whammy to your teeth and gums. If you currently smoke or have previously smoked, you may have noticed that your teeth don't seem to shine the way they used to. Here's what smoking regularly can do to your teeth and gums and how you can get the effects reversed.

What It Does

Smoking is very bad for your teeth and gums. The smoke travels through your mouth first, and anything it comes into contact with is stained. On top of that, it impacts the circulation in your gums. If this goes on for long enough, it can stain your teeth and cause your gums to shrivel in a way that's called receding gums. This can make your teeth look longer in addition to being discolored. It can also potentially put your teeth at risk, as if your gums become short enough, they can expose parts of your teeth that don't have enamel and that are more vulnerable to developing cavities and other damage.

While these are unfortunate truths, that doesn't mean that you have to put up with the impact of smoking on your mouth.

Gum Lengthening

One step you can take is to have your gums lengthened. This is done either using tissue from a donor or from a graft taken from your own body.

A tiny sliver of tissue is all it takes to perform this procedure. If the graft is taken from you, the tissue will typically be removed from the roof of your mouth where no one can see it. This will heal up naturally in a short amount of time, as the mouth heals very quickly.

In the meantime, your cosmetic dentist will shape and size the tissue to be attached to your gums, lengthening them. This will immediately improve the appearance of your teeth and gums in addition to protecting the endangered parts of your teeth.

Tooth Whitening

The next step you go through is extremely easy. Simply ask your cosmetic dentist to whiten your teeth. You'll find that this process is much faster and extremely effective in comparison to trying to whiten your teeth at home. It also ensures that you aren't damaging the exposed part of your teeth, as you'll be getting your gum lengthening procedure done first.

Whether you're still trying to quit or not, these procedures can restore your appearance. You don't have to put up with an unattractive smile any longer.

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