3 Things Your Dentist Wants You To Know About Teeth Whitening

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You might think that you already know a lot about teeth whitening. You might use a toothpaste that is designed to help with whitening your teeth, and you might have used at-home teeth whitening products in the past. There are probably still some things that you don't know about teeth whitening, however. These are some of the things that your dentist probably wants you to know about the teeth whitening process and aftermath.

1. Results May Vary From Person to Person

If you have ever looked at before and after pictures of those who have had their teeth whitened, you might have been impressed with the results. You might even have friends or family members who have had their teeth whitened and who have had great results.

It's possible that you will have great results from teeth whitening, but you should be realistic. Some types of dental stains cannot be easily remedied with teeth whitening. In some cases, it is necessary to have teeth whitening done more than once so that you can get the results that you want. You can also talk to your dentist about combining teeth whitening with other options, such as dental bonding, so that you can get the smile that you truly want.

2. At-Home, Do-It-Yourself Whitening Usually Isn't the Best Choice

Although some people do get results from at-home, do-it-yourself teeth whitening, this usually isn't your best choice. As your dentist would probably tell you, professional teeth whitening that is done in a dental office is typically the most effective option. Another good option is to ask your dentist for take-home whitening trays. In addition to being more effective, professional teeth whitening is also safer.

3. It's Important to Take Care of Newly Whitened Teeth

Hopefully, you will get wonderful results from teeth whitening. If you want to maintain that nice, white smile, it is important to take good care of your teeth. Avoid eating and drinking foods and drinks that could cause surface stains on your teeth, and keep up with brushing your teeth. Rinse your mouth out after meals if you aren't able to brush your teeth right away, and see your dentist for regular cleanings. Doing all of these things can help you keep your teeth healthy and can help you maintain their fresh, white look for much longer.

In addition to keeping the three points above in mind, talk to your dentist about teeth whitening. Then, you can learn more about having your teeth professionally whitened and about other types of cosmetic dentistry that might benefit you and your smile.

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