The Effects Of Vaping On Your Teeth

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Vaping is becoming a popular trend today among people of all ages. Some people begin smoking with this method, while others will switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping as a way of having a "healthy" alternative. The truth is that vaping is not really better for you than smoking, and it can have negative effects on your body. It can also negatively affect your teeth and mouth, and here are some details about the effects it has on your teeth and your overall oral health.

The Ingredients in Vaping

The liquid used in vaping contains a variety of different chemicals and ingredients, and one of these is nicotine. You might not realize that vaping liquid actually contains a higher level of nicotine than most cigarettes, but this is true. Vaping liquid also contains propylene glycol, which is something that can negatively affect your oral health. There are a variety of other harmful ingredients in the liquid too, but these are the two that have the most effects on your oral health.  

The Way It Affects Your Mouth

One way these ingredients affect your mouth is by drying it out. Propylene glycol and nicotine both have this affect on your mouth and dry mouth is something that will increase oral health risks. Nicotine is also an ingredient that causes a reduction of blood flow to your mouth. In other words, it cuts off the blood flow to your mouth. Nicotine also is something that is linked to causing cancer.

The Effects It May Have

Now that you understand the effects vaping can have on your mouth, you might wonder how these effects will affect you. The first effect you might notice is an increase in cavities. Did you know that dry mouth is something that increases cavity risks? When your mouth is dry all the time, it lacks the necessary saliva your mouth needs to clean itself. Secondly, you will probably end up with bad breath from having dry mouth. Finally, you could end up with oral cancer or gum disease as a result of vaping. You will likely end up with more oral issues if you decide to continue vaping.

Vaping might be considered a safer alternative, but it really is not safe for your teeth and mouth. If you currently vape or did in the past, talk to a dentist in your town to find out how to protect and repair your teeth and mouth.

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