3 Common Oral Problems Present In The Winter

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It is not uncommon for people to experience more problems with their teeth in the winter, simply because of the extreme cold, and there are three problems that some people will have during this time. If you suffer from these issues in the winter, it is not uncommon, yet you should always make sure you are properly caring for your teeth and visiting a dentist regularly.

Increased Sensitivity With Teeth

A lot of people notice that their teeth become more sensitive in the winter months, and this is something they primarily notice only when eating or drinking things that are really hot or really cold. In most cases, it is somewhat normal to feel an increase in sensitivity with your teeth in the winter; however, this can also be an indicator of a problem you should consider getting fixed. If you feel this sensation frequently in the winter, it could indicate that you are suffering from enamel erosion, which is a condition your dentist can treat.

Dry Mouth Issues

People often tend to suffer more from dry mouth issues in the winter, too. In the winter, the air is a lot dryer and colder, and people tend to suffer from more colds in the winter. If you feel like your mouth is really dry only in the winter, this could be a normal response to the cold weather; however, you should seek help from a dentist  if this problem persists throughout the entire year.

Pain in Teeth From Sinuses

There are also people who tend to suffer from tooth pain in the winter due to sinus issues. If your upper teeth tend to hurt a lot in the winter, and you suffer from sinus problems, your sinus issues might be causing the tooth pain you feel. This is also quite normal with many people, but it is something to talk to your dentist about if the pain is really severe. Your sinuses have nerves in them that are shared with the nerves in the roots of your teeth and this is one of the reasons this pain happens.

If you suffer from these things in the winter, you should not be surprised; however, it is vital to visit a dentist regularly to make sure your teeth are in good condition. If you have any questions about your teeth or issues you are currently experiencing with them, make sure you visit a local dentistry clinic like Michael G Landy DDS.

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