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You've heard of flipping houses but have you heard of a flipper tooth? If you need an affordable way to fill in a space, a flipper tooth might be just right for you. For the things you need to know about a flipper tooth, read below.


Flippers can be created to blend in perfectly with your natural teeth. The shape and color of the flipper are customized by your dentist. The top of the flipper is composed of a pinkish-red material that resembles your natural mouth so it's almost undetectable. This portion of the flipper should fit very closely to the top or bottom of your mouth. Flippers can be made for children with missing teeth, though that is usually for those in the beauty pageant arena.


Beyond appearance, one of the best benefits of a flipper tooth is the way they convince your gums that you have a tooth present. This is important because when your bones perceive a space where there should be a tooth, the bone in the gums can begin to deteriorate. The only way to get back bone is by bone grafts, an outpatient surgery. Lack of bone in the jaw can make faces look sagging and old. Flippers are perfect for visible spaces in your teeth but can be created for any missing tooth. Any time you have a missing space instead of a tooth, the other teeth can begin to move around and become loose. That leads to decay, crooked teeth, gum disease, and bone abnormalities.


Flippers are far from a permanent solution but are more affordable than dental implants. They allow you to put your best smile forward while you wait for a more permanent way to deal with a gap. You can get years of use out of a flipper if you are careful with it and remove it while eating. Just like dentures, flipper teeth have to be removed each night and cleaned. In theory, you can eat and drink while wearing a flipper but avoid hard, sticky, or crunchy foods.

Flippers can present those missing a tooth with a fairly fast solution. The dentist will measure your mouth and the flipper is created in a dental laboratory in as little as a day or so. This can be an important consideration if you are about to go on a trip out of town or have a special occasion coming up.

For more information about flipper teeth and if they're the right solution for you, talk to a dentist in your area like those at Thornley Dental.

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