The Top Cosmetic Dentistry Questions Answered

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How can you change the appearance of discolored, misaligned, or misshapen teeth? If you want to change your smile for the better, take a look at the top cosmetic dentistry questions patients have answered.

Should You Whiten Your Teeth at Home or in the Office?

With plenty of at-home options easily available, why should you select an in-office whitening treatment? While each choice has benefits, the most common reasons to choose a professional-strength procedure include:

  • Time. If you don't want to use a gel or tray-based formula day after day, an in-office procedure is the best choice to meet your needs.
  • Quality. Do you know what ingredients to look for in a high-quality whitening product? If you're not sure what ingredients or formula to choose, a dentist's office procedure provides you with a quality product.
  • Safety. Even though most whitening products are safe, the correct application is necessary. The dentist has expert-level knowledge of the safest options and can decrease application-related hazards or risks.

Discuss the type or types of whitening procedures with the dentist. Some professionals use light-activated systems to increase results or speed the process. If you're not sure which type of whitener is right for you, the dentist can act as a guide.

Should You Choose a Tooth-Colored Filling?

Whitening isn't the only cosmetic procedure dentists offer. Dental decay may also require a cosmetic fix. Instead of obvious silver fillings, the cosmetic dentist can repair the cavity with a tooth-colored option. If you're not sure if this option is the right choice for your dental needs, a tooth-colored filling:

  • Is also known as composite resin. The dentist may refer to this cosmetic (but medically necessary) option as a composite filling.
  • Is durable. Like your natural teeth, a tooth-colored filling can withstand the normal wear and tear of chewing.
  • Is natural-looking. Even though you'll know where the filling is, no one else (other than the dentist) will. These fillings look just like your natural pearly whites.

While tooth-colored composite fillings are durable, you may need to replace the restoration in the future. Over time the filling can sustain damage. If the filling cracks, wears down or separates from the tooth, the cosmetic dentist will need to replace it.

What Other Cosmetic Dentistry Options Are Available?

Along with whitening and tooth-colored fillings, other popular cosmetic options include veneers (tooth-colored coverings that fit over your natural teeth), implants (a way to replace missing teeth), and crowns (a way to fill cavities and strengthen weak or broken teeth). Contact Carolina Forest Family Dentistry to learn more. 

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