Dental Implants | The Truth About The Process

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If you say the words dental implants to a group of people, they will inevitably shudder. They can't help it, It is an unconscious reaction everyone has to in-depth dental procedures. Like many dental procedures, dental implants do not have to be scary or painful. In fact, dental implants aren't as bad as you imagine and shouldn't cause nightmares of Steve Martin in a leather jacket. 

How is a dental implant installed?

When installing an implant, the oral surgeon must make an incision in the gums to expose the bone. A hole is drilled into the jawbone and a titanium post is inserted. This post will become the 'root' of the new tooth. This ends the first portion of the dental implant procedure. You need to go home for several weeks to allow the bone to grow around the post, securing it in place.

The second portion of the procedure is much simpler. Your dentist will apply the prosthetic tooth or abutment to the post in a quick and painless procedure.  

Are dental implants painful?

Like most dental procedures, the dentist or oral surgeon will numb your mouth before starting. When you receive dental implants, the oral surgeon will use sedation dentistry. In other words, you will be sedated throughout the procedure. Once you awake and the numbing medication wears off, you will have access to pain medicine to help with any residual plain, which will be minimal. 

Is everyone a candidate for dental implants?

Sadly, not everyone is a good candidate for dental implants. Anyone that grinds or clenches their teeth cannot have dental implants. They inadvertently put too much pressure on the implants which can cause long term damage. Patients with a long-term illness, like diabetes, are not good candidates as they take much longer to heal from surgery.

Do dental implants last?

Dental implants are designed to be a permanent replacement for a lost or damaged tooth. They are meant to last a lifetime

Do dental implants feel like real teeth?

Implants look and feel like real teeth. Once the healing process is over, you can resume normal activities and eat the foods that you enjoy, including corn-on-the-cob, caramels, and other hard foods. 

Will I like how I look after implants?

Dental implants replace damaged or missing teeth. Most patients report an increase in self-confidence once the missing tooth or teeth are replaced.  

There is no reason to hide a beautiful smile when the truth is that dental implants aren't that bad after all

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