3 Ways For Your Braces Treatment To Go Smoothly

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While you may have gotten braces to fix your teeth that are out of alignment, it doesn't mean that you want the treatment to go on forever. Here are some tips that will help ensure your braces are taken off quickly and the process goes smoothly. 

Brush With An Electric Toothbrush

Maintaining good oral health is key while you are wearing braces, but too many people decide not to do it the right way. This is especially important when it comes to brushing. Consider switching to an electric toothbrush, which will help get all the places that are hard to reach around the braces. You'll also want to make sure to brush above and below the brackets so that the whole surface is covered.

Keeping your teeth clean is important because the surface underneath the brackets are going to maintain their color during the entire treatment. If the teeth become mismatched in color because you haven't been doing a good job with your oral health, you'll have noticeable stains on your teeth when the correction process is finished. 

Show Up For Every Adjustment

Many people do not realize the importance of visiting the dentist for your regularly scheduled adjustment. There is a reason why you are making the appointment, since new rubber bands need to be put on or wires need to be swapped out. 

When you do not come into appointments your braces are not doing anything to get your teeth into the right position. The braces may feel comfortable and not bothering you, but you still need to attend your appointment. You would be surprised at how many people miss multiple appointments during the adjustment process and think that it is perfectly okay to do so. They will also be surprised when the treatment goes on much longer than anticipated and potentially regret missing those appointments.

Wear The Rubber Bands

Your orthodontist will give you rubber bands that are supposed to go onto the braces. However, people do not always wear them when they have braces. The rubber bands have an important job to help move teeth during the day, and if you don't wear the rubber bands, the teeth will bounce back to an old position. If you are actively deciding not to wear the rubber bands, you'll end up going in for checkups and discover that your treatment time has been extended due to neglect on your part. 

If you need to get braces, talk to an orthodontist to understand all your options and the process of straightening your teeth. 

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