Four Essential Services That You Should Obtain From A Family Dentist

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Whether you're starting a family or planning to have more children, seeking the services of a family dentist will be critical. Family dentists specialize in many different aspects of oral care. Not only do they help children transition from temporary to permanent teeth, but they also provide customized solutions for older adults who need to maintain their oral health.

Family dentists use their extensive knowledge of oral care to provide essential services to all members of your family. When looking for a professional who can cater to your dental needs, here are four critical services that they should offer.

1.    Customized treatments for each family member

Members of the same household will have varying dental needs. For example, children require supportive care and education on how to maintain healthy teeth. They also commonly face issues such as cavities, tooth decay, and improper oral hygiene. On the other hand, adults may require teeth whitening to renew their smile, periodontal treatment, or tooth extractions when dealing with an infection.

Your family dentist should be able to understand the specific needs of each family member and develop a customized treatment plan. This often involves proper management of dental records and taking a proactive approach to addressing common oral health issues.

2.    Regular dental exams

Speaking of being proactive, your family dentist should schedule regular dental exams for every member of the household. These checks should be carried out at least twice a year to ensure that no cavities or gum infections are developing. Dental exams also track the progress of previous procedures such as tooth whitening, aligners/braces, and dental implants.

When done correctly, all members of your household will enjoy proper tooth and gum development over the years. It also helps you avoid costly treatment such as root canal therapy, multiple tooth extractions, and root planing.

3.    Oral health education

Family dentists are a top resource for obtaining information about your oral health. They help you and your children develop a routine for brushing teeth, using the right dental products, and avoiding common causes of infection. Family dentists also advise patients on how to respond to emergencies such as dental trauma and broken teeth (due to an accident). Having this information handy will help you guide young children, teens, and the elderly in maintaining proper oral health.

4.    Periodontal treatment

Gum disease is a common condition that many patients face without realizing it. Your family dentist should help you stay ahead of common periodontal issues such as bleeding gums, plaque accumulation, and pulp infections. Periodontal issues could also increase the risk of oral cancer, which is why maintaining healthy gums is critical.

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