4 Benefits Of Dental Cleanings Besides Pretty Teeth

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While dental cleanings are excellent at helping people show off their smiles, there's a lot more to what they do than just making you look good. Here are four ways you may benefit from a dental cleaning.

Checking Closely for Dental Problems

The best way to take care of your teeth, in the long run, is to get on top of problems before they have a chance to get out of hand. Unfortunately, early detection of tooth and gum health issues isn't as simple as looking in the mirror to see if you have any cavities. It takes a professional's eye to determine whether a small problem is important enough to deserve further examination, such as X-rays.

At most offices, this work is handled by the hygienist. Within the office's staff, the hygienist is almost always the person the dentist consults with when they need an opinion. The hygienist can examine odd areas of your teeth you may have a hard time noticing, and they can spot little nicks, cracks, and gaps that you might not catch. All this effort helps you get out in front of trouble.

Long-Term, Whole-Body Wellness

The junk that accumulates on your teeth and along the gum line isn't just ugly. It also can serve as a harbor for bacteria. That bacteria sits next to the gum line, potentially encouraging decay and recession.

Also, disease-causing bacteria may jump into the bloodstream through the gums. From there they have an expressway to most parts of your body. Doctors recommend dental cleanings to prevent major health problems like heart disease. Yes, heart disease can start with bacteria present in your mouth so have a professional evict the microbes.

Cancer Screening

Oral cancers are more common than you might expect. When a dentist or hygienist checks your mouth before conducting a dental cleaning, they'll also be on the lookout for signs of oral cancer or precancerous growths. Something as simple as a regular cleaning may prevent major damage to your mouth or even save your life.

Indicators of Diabetes

Many of the softer tissues in the body are among the first places that damage from diabetes appears. Once again, that means there's a good argument for letting a professional take a look at your gums. In addition to the somewhat ambiguous indicator of bleeding gums, diabetes is also signaled by loose teeth and receding gums. Also, high glucose content in the mouth may foster plaque growth and bad breath.

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