Dental Implants: Why This Investment Is Worth It To You

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Considering dental implants for your overall oral health is a big financial investment. A full set of dental implants costs several thousand dollars since a single dental implant can cost a significant amount of money. Remember: the cost of dental implants doesn't include other costs, so your investment in getting even a single dental implant can really add up.

The investment in dental implants can still be very beneficial to you, even if you put a lot of money into your smile upfront. Here are the reasons why dental implants are worth it.

You get a more permanent smile

Dental implants are placed directly into your jaw bone so the resulting crown is considered more permanent in its application. If you want to get away from dentures, temporary crowns, bridges, and other dental solutions that don't last and have to be upgraded or replaced every few years, then invest in dental implants, which give you a confident, permanent smile.

You get to save money

In the end, you end up actually saving money when you have dental implants put in. How? Consider your alternatives, which are dentures, bridges, or even a false tooth on a retainer. These are all solutions worth considering or ones you are already using, but their impact on your smile is not permanent. Dentures will eventually need to be replaced, and bridges and other solutions need to be tended to and replaced as well, which costs money.

Your best bet is to have your dental implants put in, which, once installed, could last a lifetime with little to no repairs. You'll still need to continue regular dental care, but in general, the installation of dental implants can potentially save you money in the long run.

You get to have smile confidence

With false teeth, you worry about your smile looking fake and also about your teeth falling out mid-sentence or while you're eating. With even bridges and retainers, you have the same problem to consider. Not so with dental implants, which are very fixed in your mouth and look realistic compared to your other teeth, resulting in a positive smile you can have confidence in.

Speak to your dentist about the possibility of getting dental implants, whether you are considering them for your whole smile or just for a few teeth that are missing or loose. Your dental practitioner will be able to show you all your options so you can decide if dental implants are your best solution after all.  

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