Pediatric Dental Crowding Complications And Treatments

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Dental crowding refers to when the teeth are too close together or when they actually overlap. Not only can dental crowding cause self-consciousness in children because of their crooked teeth, but it can also cause a number of significant oral problems. Here are some consequences of dental crowding and the benefits of braces for children to treat their overcrowded teeth. 

Consequences Of Dental Crowding

One of the most common oral consequences of dental crowding is that it increases the risk of cavities and gum disease. It can be difficult for children to properly brush their teeth and use dental floss when their teeth are too close together. They may be unable to wiggle a piece of dental floss in between the teeth to remove plaque and food particles.

If the plaque hardens into calculus it can cause dental decay and gingivitis. In addition, severely overcrowded teeth can cause significant jaw pain in certain children. Extremely crowded teeth may also lead to toothaches, headaches, and neck pain. Assist your child if they are struggling to brush or floss their teeth and be sure to visit the dentist regularly for examinations and teeth cleanings because these interventions will help decrease the risk for cavities and gum disease.

Benefits Of Braces

Braces for children are highly effective in correcting dental crowding. Braces will gently reposition your child's teeth back into their proper alignment, however, if crowding is severe, the dentist may need to pull a couple of the child's back teeth to make more room in their mouth.

During your child's orthodontic treatment, they will need to see the dentist regularly so that their braces can be tightened or readjusted as their teeth shift back into place. Tightening appointments do not take long, however, your child may experience mild soreness for a day or so following the adjustments.

Eating soft foods for a few days can help minimize any mild discomfort caused by the tightened hardware, however, if needed, an over-the-counter analgesic, such as ibuprofen, can be given to ease your child's symptoms. Avoiding very cold and very hot foods and drinks will also help minimize any lingering tooth sensitivity following a tightening appointment. 

If your child has dental crowding, make an appointment with their dentist to learn why braces for children may be the best treatment option. After your child's orthodontic treatment is complete, their risk for dental decay and gum disease will decline and they may be much happier with their smile.

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